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Why hire an Architect – Custom Home Builders Sydney

July 22, 2021

So you have been dreaming about building your dream home for…only your entire life. Chances are you have a pretty good idea about what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to the design of your home. BUT does your partner have the same taste as you? And have you thought about how you are going to afford it all? Will the design in your head actually translate to the real thing? Will the doors open the right way? Will it function like a home should? We often meet clients who are in the design phase and are quite clear with what they want. While this is great, sometimes the plan in your head is quite different from what it would look like in the flesh due to a range of factors including the space you have available, existing structure and budget. While we can appreciate that not every renovation or build requires the skills of an architect, we highly recommend at least having a chat to an architect before you jump into planning and designing yourself.

6 Benefits of Hiring an Architect

An architect can help weigh up all of your options and introduce creative solutions and new ideas. Our project manager Adam has worked collaboratively with several architects on various-sized jobs in Sydney and describes (below) some of the benefits he has seen for his clients when they have engaged an architect:

1. Cost Saving!

While many people are afraid to consider engaging an architect because of the cost, a good architect can explore different budget options with you and can give you ideas about where to save money and where to spend money. We only too often see clients spend a fortune on a new build and then skimp on finishes (such as taps and handles) towards the completion of the works because they have run out of money, or didn’t factor in the importance of such items in the beginning. While a good builder can help you with a budget plan and simple design, an architect is a specialist in exploring creative ways to maximise the value of your build, while also ensuring a beautiful finish. Another financial benefit of engaging an architect is that they could actually save you money by assisting you to avoid design errors, which can be costly.

2. Functionality

Having a beautiful home is one thing, but it is important that the space functions as it should. An architect can ask questions that you might not yet have considered and provide suggestions for a functional and seamless design.

3. Beauty

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a beautiful, architecturally designed home? An experienced architect will have a portfolio of previous works to show you and will spend the time getting to know you and your taste. They can offer ideas about how to maximise the “wow” factor of the space while also introducing fresh ideas that you might not have considered.

4. A Balanced Design

You love your partner, and you are a team. But there is a good chance you don’t love all of your better half’s design ideas and just want them to equally love your own vision. A good architect can listen to your ideas and transform the dream stuck in your head by putting pen to paper and making it appear right before your eyes (sounds like magic huh?). In this way, an architect can balance both your structural requirements and also your aesthetic desires and offer an external perspective.

5. A Wing Man!

An architect can liaise on your behalf with builders, project managers and engineers. Surrounding yourself with the right team is so important; if you have chosen the right builder, they will have recommended architects for you; and will have experience in working with them to create your dream home. They will be used to dealing with each other and have a good idea and appreciation of how each other works. This can make working through any issues throughout the work a breeze.

6. Energy Efficiency!

At AAG Constructions we highly value green builds and new homes which are mindful of the impact they will have on the environment. An architect can give you ideas about the building orientation and location of your build, to best make use of natural light and heat. This not only will have an impact on your energy bill and the environment but can ensure that you use the right materials to maximise environmental factors.

Overall, we have found that having an architect can make your life easier and can be a profitable investment in the long run; ensuring both timeless and functional design. If you are still unsure about whether you need an architect or not, get in touch to have a chat about your building and design needs and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.