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Whatever your vision, AAG can help with your home renovation, extension, addition or custom home in the Northern Beaches.

New Custom Homes

Whether you’re wanting to knock down and rebuild, or you have an empty block, AAG Constructions specialise in building high-end custom homes that exceed expectations.

We have years of experience working with Sydney’s leading architects to create new custom homes that are a true reflection of our clients’ unique vision and lifestyle. Our team will guide you through the entire building process, ensuring your designs become a reality – we’re committed to delivering exceptional quality, attention to detail, and personalised service every step of the way. 

Home Extensions and Renovations

Including an extension to your home is a great way to capitalise on your existing investment. Adding value to your home with a new and contemporary addition will truly turn your house into a home.

The professionals at AAG Constructions are the Northern Beaches experts of home extensions and renovations. Our extensive knowledge of contemporary designs allows us to create a masterpiece within the foundations of your home. Our high quality practices and materials provide only the best service to your home extension and renovation needs. Whether you want to add another room to your house or redesign the existing rooms in your house, AAG Constructions have the solution for you.

AAG Constructions are conveniently able to redesign and renovate your home without you having to relocate during the working process. This means you can live in your own home, while having it redesigned and constructed by our team. Our team, Adam and Shane, offer a personalised service in which you are always dealing with them face-to-face; there is no chance of lost emails or phone calls missed. The personalised service of AAG Constructions allows us to tailor our services towards your personal vision for your home.

At AAG we tailor our services specifically to suit your needs and we are always in constant contact with you about our plan of attack and design intentions.

Second Story Additions

Add value to your home by getting a second storey addition. Second storey additions creates a bigger home, so you have more space to run around with the kids or create a more social household. AAG Construction’s professional designer handles all second storey additions personally, in accordance to your specific needs.

AAG Constructions work with you personally to envision what you want in the final product. Much like our extensions, we use premium materials and practices to create a practical and innovative addition to your home. We incorporate our extensive knowledge of contemporary Northern Beaches design into our work so that your home reflects the beautiful environment that surrounds it. Conveniently, AAG Constructions can create a second storey addition without you having to leave your home. You are able to live in your home and personally watch over the design process. Our personal service encourages you to work with us so that the best results are delivered.

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