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Northern Beaches Builders: How are we different from the competition?

January 24, 2021

Who are we?

AAG Constructions is a small boutique building company consisting of a project manager and builder, two carpenters, two apprentices and a communications manager. To learn more about our team, head to our “About Us” page. Keep reading below to learn about what sets us apart from the rest!

We don’t take on more than 2 jobs at once!

Being a small company has enormous advantages, one of the primary benefits being that we only take on 2 large jobs at any time. Over the years we have seen many other builders on the Northern Builders run up to five jobs at once and become overwhelmed and stressed – cue direct impact on you. This ultimately has an impact on your home, as the carpenters and builders are left running the project themselves and are under pressure to complete work quickly.

While we know that your time is precious, we will never rush any job if it might compromise the quality of the work. Running only 2 jobs at once allows our Project Manager Adam to be hands-on, and on-site, on a regular basis. It means that we have time to meet with you regularly and ensure that we can pay attention to detail; we guarantee that your job will be our priority.

A happy team leader and project manager sets the tone for our wonderful carpenters and creates a positive working environment, which means that our tradesmen actually enjoy being at work – just ask them! We believe that the building process should not be something that you just need to get through. We want to make the journey an enjoyable one – from start to finish.

Regular site meetings and regular contact with the Project Manager

Lucky you – you get to see Adam’s beautiful face, all the time. Many larger companies will have their project manager meet with you initially and then disappear once your design or plan is finished and the work commences. This can be daunting for you and leave you feeling frustrated at having to liaise with a different face every day. At AAG Constructions, we want you to be included in the process and meet with our project manager regularly – both for formal meetings and also for a coffee on-site to keep up to speed on all the details and current stage of work. Adam will be your main point of contact throughout the entire job which means that he is able to physically answer your questions and liaise with tradespeople throughout the process.

Support local business!

At AAG Constructions, not only is our team Northern Beaches born and bred, we always try to source local products and network with local companies and traders. We have strong relationships with reliable and talented architects, engineers and designers – we pick and choose the best! Because we are not a corporate company, it allows us to specialise in bespoke residential renovations and new homes…which means that your project is completely unique to you and your individual style.

We are mindful of the environment!

Being a small company, we get to pick and choose which suppliers we use and we have the luxury of being able to be picky about our waste. We strive to use eco-friendly and sustainable work practices. With an AAG Constructions project, we guarantee a clean and tidy worksite at the end of every single day. This means that it is possible to continue to live in your home during the renovation if you should so choose.

We not only recognise the importance of a physically healthy working environment but we also understand the impact that an emotionally healthy working environment can have on you and your home and family. At AAG Constructions we are highly respected for our communication skills and the way we treat our staff and clients. Our mixed team of experienced carpenters and aspiring apprentices creates a good balance and we recognise that a good workplace environment makes for happy employees; you want good energy being poured into your new build – trust us when we say that it will leave a vibe in your home lingering long after we have left.

We also understand that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting a few days for an email response, or simply hearing someone’s voicemail instead of their actual voice answering your calls. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and you can be assured that we are always easily contactable.

Our quotes are competitive

While we all know that the cheapest builder is not always the builder that you should be choosing (if this is news to you – check out our blog “5 Do’s and Donts!”), we understand that your money is precious and that you have a lifetime of budgeting and cutting back on that smashed avo toast, behind each dollar that you are pouring into your home reno. Our team regularly reviews the products and suppliers that we use and searches for competitive prices. We strive to provide incredibly accurate quotes and spend time creating your quote so that there are no surprises throughout the job. AAG Constructions recognises that each client has their own unique requests and that is why we do not have any generic quotes for any of our works and can work with any budget and can even work with you on creating a budget plan.

But don’t take our word for it – check out our testimonials to see what our clients are saying!