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Home Renovations Sydney: 5 Details that will make the Difference

May 10, 2022

Trying to decide on what to prioritise spending your money on during a home renovation can be an incredibly difficult task. Trying to juggle where you want to spend your money, and where you should spend your money can make the best of us go cross-eyed. While we know that each and every client is different, our experience in home renovations over the past 15 years has shown us specific details that really do make a difference to the finished product.

Start out by doing your research and collect plenty of inspiration well before you start your build. Spend your Sunday mornings in bed with a coffee scrolling through Pinterest (check out our Pinterest page here to kick start your reno inspo) and save the photos you like to a common place so that it is easy to scroll through with your project manager/builder/designer. Instagram is our second go-to for inspiration. It is a good idea to also keep an eye out for styling too; as the way that you plan to style your home should be in harmony with the style of your renovation. You don’t want to have a high-end sleek finish, paired with shabby vintage furniture…(or do you?)

Here is our pick for the top 5 details that will really make a difference in your home renovation.

1. Trims + Doors

We often see clients make the mistake of considering doors and trimmings as an afterthought, and instead putting all of their attention (and budget) on floors, walls and ceilings. You should consider skirting boards and architraves carefully as these details (although often don’t stand out) give a space a feeling of completeness and quality. While square skirting boards are certainly more popular at the moment, they do tend to collect more dust and will require more cleaning; so you should weigh up what is more important to you – an easy-to-maintain home or one that looks the way you want it to.

Tip: If budget is a concern, you can often find thinner versions of your chosen profile; however make sure that you check this against your door before deciding as it can produce quite a different look and feel in the finished product.

2. Glass

We are huge fans of all things glass at AAG Constructions…if we could live in a glass house, we probably would. While choosing glass might cost you a little bit more, it is well worth the spend. Glass doors can flood a space with light and heat during summer months, and create a beautiful sense of space. You might also consider skylights which again provide a sense of space and sunlight and can be a beautiful feature, especially in the dining room or bathroom. We recently completed a job with a large skylight above a bathtub and we almost asked to try it out (but thought the better of it). If you like the idea of this but you are not sure how you might be able to incorporate glass into your renovation, give us a call to discuss your project.

3. Texture

Don’t underestimate the impact of texture; whether it be in the final finishing details or a v-groove wall or ceiling, creating some texture in your home will make all the difference. Even if you prefer a clean and sleek style, the texture is important so that you don’t end up with a bland and lifeless space. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by thinking about your flooring options. Timber floorboards or a concrete slab can create a beautiful and timeless texture that can be subtly mirrored in other parts of the home, for example, your kitchen. Kitchen benchtops can also be a great place to add texture as affordable stone options are becoming more widely available. If you are reading this after a renovation and feel that you might not have enough texture in your home, meeting with an interior stylist can come up with some creative solutions to create more texture in your home. If this is above the budget, head to your closest flower power and stock up on indoor plants which can help breathe life back into a bland space (check out our blog on indoor plant styling to read more about this).

4. Colour Scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme is a big one and one that can so easily go very (very) wrong. We highly recommend seeking advice from a Dulux paint consultant who can talk to you about your desired finish and assist you in choosing the right paint colour. It is also good to consider the colour scheme before you begin decorating or purchasing any new furniture, as the colour scheme should reflect the style of your home. Before making any final decisions we strongly recommend choosing a room in your renovation where you can test out large colour swatches on the wall (swatches around 1 metre) and watch how the colours change and compare. Remember that paint will look very different in different lighting, so make sure that you view the paint at different times of the day.

Tip: Choosing a painter who is well experienced is more important than you might think – we have seen some shocking painting jobs over the years and it is one of those elements of the renovation that is important to get right. Your project manager should be able to recommend someone they trust.

5. Insulation

While insulation might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about the priorities in home renovation, it does make it into our top 5 for a reason. Having a new home that is toasty in winter and cool in summer will make your space so much more enjoyable. Having good insulation will also save you money when it comes to air conditioning systems as it will ensure that no heat is lost through the walls and will reduce the need to blast the air conditioning all summer. Good insulation can also provide some soundproofing between rooms which can create privacy.

While these are our picks for the top 5 details that will make a difference in your home renovation, we have many more tips for you to consider during your home reno! Head over to our blog to read more, or get in touch with us to arrange a time to discuss your next project.