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8 Reasons to Go Solar in Sydney

November 9, 2020

Why go solar?

So you have heard about solar, but what does it actually mean to go solar? And why should you do it? The Australian climate (and particularly Sydney) is not only wonderful for those who enjoy the outdoors and soaking up that vitamin D, but it is the perfect environment for solar energy production. On average, Australian homes are drenched in 2,800 of glorious sunshine rays each year – now that’s a lot of sunshine! The choice to go solar not only improves your homes energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint, but it can dramatically cut energy costs and can also improve your property value dramatically. At AAG, we are all for solar.

8 benefits of going solar:

1. Reduce your electricity bills – by half or more!

We all know electricity bills can be expensive, especially during the winter months when it’s all too easy to justify having both the heater and electric blanket on full blast. Even if you don’t produce/use 100% of the energy from your solar panels, you will still significantly reduce your utility bills.

2. Protect yourself against rising energy costs

Residential utility costs increase on average approximately 3% per annum. Investing in a solar energy system can protect you against the impact on these costs and help you to budget and manage your future utility expenses.

3. Solar panels can be put on pretty much anything

For example, if your roof has the sun on it, you can put a solar panel on it! 

TIP: If you have a lot of overhanging trees or shade on your property, you can still put a solar panel on the roof it will just not get as much energy as you would in complete sunlight. Have a look around the property for opportunities to maximise your sunlight…north facing aspects are best!

4. Low maintenance costs

Generally, solar panels need very little TLC. Cleaning your solar panels every couple of years should do the job! Solar panels also have a long working life and hold their value and will continue to save you costs well into the future.

5. Better for the environment!

Think of solar energy as clean energy sourced straight from the sun; there are absolutely no pollutants associated with generating solar energy! Because the sun is a renewable energy source, it means that we won’t run out of it and there are no greenhouse gas emissions; unlike coal and gas aka “fossil fuels” which require burning and will eventually run out. It is estimated that residential solar panels could eliminate up to four tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Solar systems effectively help to reduce your carbon footprint so you can feel good about having a greener home and having a positive impact on the environment – that in itself is a good enough reason to go solar!

6. Increase your property value

If you are conscious of increasing your property value or have an investment property, solar panels not only appeal to those who are looking for a property that aligns with their environmentally friendly values but is also going to save money on utility prices in the long run – and that is an attractive prospect to everyone. Homes equipped with solar energy systems tend to have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes.

7. Capture as much energy as you like and even sell some excess energy back to the grid!

This means that you could even end up with a negative energy bill.

8. Enable off-the-grid living

Once your solar system is set up, you will be more self-sufficient and energy independent; and have a safe and stable way to produce your very own clean energy.

Other things to consider before jumping in:

  • Do your research. There are many companies that will offer different prices and packages for solar panel installation. As with all things, we always recommend you get a few different quotes from reputable solar retailers before making a decision. Solar Choice (https://www.solarchoice.net.au/) is a great place to compare different solar products and service offerings from different providers. If you’re in the market for solar and want a range of quotes based on your requirements, it’s definitely worth submitting a quote request via their free, instant Solar quote comparison form, here.
  • Consider what government schemes are available in your area and also consider your budget and how much electricity you currently use. TIP: Grab your latest electricity bill and check how many kilowatt hours you use each day and the times of day that you use most of your electricity. As solar panels convert energy from the sun – power cannot be generated at night. This means that you will either need to draw from stored solar power or purchase electricity from the grid if you do not have any solar power stored.
  • Depending on what company you decide to go for, there is generally a large upfront cost for solar installation. While this cost will certainly pay for itself in the long run, it could take a while for you to see the extra pennies in your pocket. Creating a realistic and detailed budget plan can help you to consider the long-term savings and weigh up whether this is an option for you. If the initial cost is too great, some solar companies offer financing options with 0% interest periods, but be sure to pay it off as quickly as possible to avoid those hefty interest fees.

Still not convinced? Check out https://solarcalculator.com.au which is fantastic a tool designed to help homeowners in Australia decide whether solar is right for them. They can also help you get in touch with different reputable solar retailers for up to 3 different quotes, and explain your different solar options to you.

Alternatively, click here to get in touch with AAG – we are always happy to help!